• Passage to the Castle

    With this image I tried to create a different perspective on Castel Sant’Angelo - one of the most photographed sites in Rome.

  • Another absolutely awesome episode of Star Trek: Discovery. I am really enjoying this series. 🖖

  • For Micro Monday I am giving a shout out to Brian @Luby, an early adopter of Micro.blog who pioneered Micro.blogging from the mac with his TodayPoster widget.

  • Listened to Valerie Jardin on TWiP’s Behind The Shot podcast tonight. Talking about street photography, Valerie mentioned that (street) photography is all about:

    • vision
    • preparation
    • serendipity

    I love this!

  • In writing about The Perfect Two-Lens Kit on the Online Photographer blog Michael Johnston highlights two great lens choices. I have and love the 20mm f/1.7 lens he discussed, and am looking forward to starting to use the 12-60mm… I think it will be a great combo.

  • apple.news

    This Famous New Zealand Landmark Is Being Destroyed by Tourists - Condé Nast Traveler

    Planning to go to NZ later this, and That Wanaka Tree is definitely on my photography must list.

  • Colourful Clarke Quay.

    Another image from a great trip to Singapore last year.

  • A Switch to FeedBin

    After a couple of weeks giving Feedbin a trial I have made the switch to using this service as my main RSS reader software.

    Since Google closed Google Reader I have played around with a variety of services, initially using a combination of Feedbin and Fever, and then moving wholly over to Feed Wrangler. After a couple of years of happily using Feed Wrangler I decided to give Feedbin another go – mostly because of the fact that it will be the first RSS sync service that will be supported by the Evergreen project.

    After using the trial for 13 days, I made the call to switch back over completely to Feedbin, and am once again using this as my main RSS reading service, using Reeder on the Mac, iPad and iPhone. I also love the Feedbin browser experience, and am using that on Windows.

    Advantages of Feedbin

    1. Browser experience. Its a simple yet highly functional experience.
    2. Share & Save functions – including to Micro.blog (from the browser version).
    3. Cleaner handling of title-less posts. Micro.blog style posts don’t necessarily have a title, and the experience of reading these in Feedbin feeds is far tidier. In Feed Wrangler you get an “[Untitled]” title. In Feedbin there’s just not title there – even in third party feed reader apps1.
    4. Updated posts. In the browser version you can view and review posts that have changed.
    5. Fast syncing. To date, the syncing on Feedbin seems much faster than I’ve experienced on other platforms.
    6. The native app doesn’t try to replace third party apps, but instead offers unique Notifier app, integrating nicely with the Apple Watch.
    7. They accept Apple Pay. A nice touch.

    On Par Features

    1. Support of and by third party reader apps. Extensive and on par with Feed Wrangler.

    Disadvantages of Feedbin

    1. Cost. An annual subscription to Feedbin is about twice as expensive as one to Feed Wrangler.


    So Feedbin is my RSS sync platform of choice for the foreseeable future. I am really enjoying it, and look forward to using it with Evergreen on macOS.

    Feedbin Titleless

    1. I’ve only tried this on Reeder on both macOS and iOS, but assume this must be a function of the feed itself.

  • John Gruber on the announcement that HomePod Starts Shipping February 9, Available to Order This Friday.

    That seems like a big question to remain unanswered before folks start plunking down (U.S.) $349.


    I’m tempted, but the greater temptation is to watch and wait.

  • I enjoyed the novel Origin by Dan Brown, and this review by @mattgemmell was interesting as it gave an insight into the book from the perspective of an author who also writes thrillers with a scientific nuance.

  • When your RSS sync service is down you realise how much you are dependent on RSS to bring your news to you!

  • Really hard to express just how much I am enjoying Star Trek: Discovery.

    Awesome show, and this weeks episode was outstanding.

  • For Micro Monday I can’t go pass @colinwalker. A guy that puts a lot of thought into what he does, shares his thinking freely and shares the things he builds just as freely.

    Thanks Colin.

  • Our $3,000 DSLR Was Stolen in Italy and We Filmed It Happen

  • Elia Locardi nails the problem with part of one of his photos being stolen.

    Its almost as if Canon wants to make money from selling expensive camera gear, but doesn’t see value in the photos their customers make…


  • Comic: Ten Years of Macbook Air!

  • Testing a post to Micro.blog directly from the Feedbin web interface.

  • Mentioned the other day that I am giving FeedBin another try.

    Impressed today that Feedbin has announced that they are introducing native support for Micro.blog.


  • What an amazing voice. She’ll be missed…


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