• Tonight’s photo adventures is sunset photography of #thatWanakaTree in New Zealand.

    At least 20 other photographers out sitting here but I think my @3leggedthing Albert is unique.

  • A beautiful evening of photography with my new Pana G9, 3 Legged Thing tripod, Lee Filters and Peak Design kit.

  • I’ve been a big user of 500px & Flickr for years. With all the hoohaa around Flickr plus the recent stuff happening at 500px, I think its time to make my galleries indie-centric.

    For my upcoming travels, I am going all in on Sunlit and my personal blog to see how it goes.

  • For Micro.Monday I would like to call out to @mattgemmell a sci-fi author who dabbles around here from time-to-time. His first book, Changer was brilliant, follow up Toll is on the way, and his weekly newsletter is often great. As it was this week

  • Colin Walker said:

    I’ve not opted for Reeder on the Mac yet.

    I’m using the Feedbin website as a Fluid app because I love that it shows whether posts have been updated, providing a delta of what updates were actually made.

    I do use Reeder on the Mac, but (like now) when I have to use a Windoze machine I really love using the Feedbin website.

    One of the (many) great things about it is the ability to post directly to Micro.blog.

  • Brent Simmons on why Micro.blog is not another App.net.

    Twitter and Facebook are convenient, sure, but so are fossil fuels, and the cost was similarly unknown for a long time. But now we have some idea just how bad these things are for the world.

  • Colin Walker on blog subscribe buttons

    Before the mass adoption of social networks you would have been hard pressed not to find a site with some variant of the RSS icon. Now it’s just the “follow us here” badges asking you to go to someone else’s property.

    Even worse, IMHO, are the so-called blogs that actually disable RSS subscribe functions so that RSS services can’t follow them…

  • John Gruber commenting on Walt Mossberg’s comments on iPad sales

    In short, iPad sales are way down from their peak, but amount to a unit sales market half the size of the entire PC laptop market. And iPads tend to last longer.

  • Nice to see a blog post today on the DeeperBlue website featuring one of my images!


  • I always enjoy seeing the photo kits of other photographers, and particular enjoy understanding why they choose the gear they have, and how they use it.

    Here’s a fun look at the kit used by full-time travelling photographer Brendan van Son.

  • Really pleased that the new update of Luminar supports HEIC, so that my iPhone photos can be edited in the app.

    Here’s a quick job on a pano I took in Rome last year!

  • Sharing is not always caring

    A great post by @manton - No applause for retweets. I particularly identify with this:

    The problem with these “just click a button instead of sending an actual reply” features is that they fool us into thinking we’ve done something meaningful by clicking. Anyone can click a Twitter heart button to show that they’ve noticed a tweet or enjoyed it. It takes very little effort and doesn’t mean much.

    Back in June 2017 I wrote a post On Likes, Faves and Sharing, in which I said something similar:

    The mindless liking of ‘stuff’ has the potential of a dumbing down thinking. By liking and faving we may well only be providing mindless positive reinforcement, and avoiding critiquing stuff.

    I try to appreciate posts and images that work for me by replying or commenting, rather than just liking or faving.

    The creator of the work has put a lot into creating that content. The least I can do is to take a few minutes to tell them why I like it.

    Sharing and retweeting is a poor substitute for giving real feedback, providing a meaningful critique of someone’s work.

  • Passage to the Castle

    With this image I tried to create a different perspective on Castel Sant’Angelo - one of the most photographed sites in Rome.

  • Another absolutely awesome episode of Star Trek: Discovery. I am really enjoying this series. 🖖

  • For Micro Monday I am giving a shout out to Brian @Luby, an early adopter of Micro.blog who pioneered Micro.blogging from the mac with his TodayPoster widget.

  • Listened to Valerie Jardin on TWiP’s Behind The Shot podcast tonight. Talking about street photography, Valerie mentioned that (street) photography is all about:

    • vision
    • preparation
    • serendipity

    I love this!

  • In writing about The Perfect Two-Lens Kit on the Online Photographer blog Michael Johnston highlights two great lens choices. I have and love the 20mm f/1.7 lens he discussed, and am looking forward to starting to use the 12-60mm… I think it will be a great combo.

  • apple.news

    This Famous New Zealand Landmark Is Being Destroyed by Tourists - Condé Nast Traveler

    Planning to go to NZ later this, and That Wanaka Tree is definitely on my photography must list.

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