🔗 How to Write a Novel With Ulysses, Part I: Organization and the Writing Process

Finding Fuji-san


An interesting take by a travel blogger on the state of travel blogging…

12 Years of Travel Blogging: A Look Back and A Look Ahead

A like on Instagram might take a second of someone’s time, and with such a short window of time, there is no guarantee that they actually paid attention to it.

I’ve been very happily using DuckDuckGo for several years and love it. I very rarely have to use any other search engine—less than once a month.

🔗 DuckDuckGo

Looking forward to (finally) seeing the DAM features introduced to Luminar. Looks very promising.

🔗 New Luminar with Libraries, No Paid Upgrades, and MORE!

Well I’ve caught upon the Apple announcements. Must say I am tiring of the leaks, and would prefer a little more surprise.

Not sure which phone will replace my iPhone 7 Plus - the iPhone Xs or Xs Max.

Feedbin truly seems to prioritise the customer (and their data). I appreciate the steps taken to protect customer date.

🔗 Private by Default

I am intrigued by the notion of USB-C for iPad Pro and can see it happening. Although USB-C might not have a full ecosystem, there is more available than on Lightning.

Imagine two possibilities

  1. External storage
  2. External displays

While I really welcome the first big update to Flickr since being taken over by SmugMug, the biggest change I am waiting for is the ability to change my Flickr logon email away from a Yahoo! email address…

🔗 Flickr Revamps Galleries with a Fresh Look and New Tools

Rabaul: Under Vulcan's Shadow

Rabaul in Papua New Guinea’s East New Britain province is a picturesque township.

Today’s sleepy town does not represent the once bustling town that was pivotal in two world wars, and saw two devastating volcano eruptions in the 20th century.

The two volcanoes in the Rabaul Caldera, Tavurvur and Vulcan, erupted in 1994. Warnings had meant Rabaul was evacuated with no loss of life, but the town was wiped out.

Many people and businesses, along with the seat of the provincial government moved to the nearby town of Kokopo, and a new Rabaul township was built nearby.

The overview photo shows the new town in front and centre, while the site of the old town is on the left. Today it is a flat area, with little evidence of the once thriving township there.

The image of the road with the volcano in the background is taken on what was the main street’s

The last image shows the volcano in the background with a boiling hot spring in the foreground, leading into the bay.

I was in Rabaul for work, so did not have my camera. These images were made on my iPhone 7 Plus.

I’d love to get back to Rabaul for some diving and photography. Beautiful location.