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Elia Locardi nails the problem with part of one of his photos being stolen.

Its almost as if Canon wants to make money from selling expensive camera gear, but doesn’t see value in the photos their customers make…………

Mentioned the other day that I am giving FeedBin another try.

Impressed today that Feedbin has announced that they are introducing native support for…

What an amazing voice. She’ll be missed……

So very true……

Pre-setting your camera for likely images.

Tonight I wrote about the mindset of pre-setting camera gear for different photo shoots. Based on my beginnings as an underwater photographer.

I always really like the concept of CriticMarkup, but without at least one or two of the highest profile text editors supporting it natively, it probably won’t go too far.

As far as I can see, only MultiMarkdown Composer has native support.

Daring Fireball on Facebook news feed (algorithm) changes

The only audience you can count on is an audience you’ve built yourself and have a direct relationship with.


Photographers: Follow The Rules

Regardless of one’s personal feelings toward photo rules at favorite photo spots, one thing is certain: we need to follow the rules.

Marina Bay Sands is a great hub in Singapore for business, relaxing, shopping, eating and of course photography.

Image Data

C: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7 L: Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm f/2.8 PRO E: Lightroom CC Classic, Luminar 2018

I’d really love to see photography apps/services like @photoephemeris support the new mapping approach being pioneered by @what3words

An important lesson in scuba diving, and in life…

“No” fear!

Photographer Elia Locardi has an photo pirated online, with a bit of a twist……

For the very first Micro Monday I want to do a shout out to @patrickrhone.

I’ve interacted with Patrick around the web on Twitter, and other places in the pod and blog spheres, and he isthoughful and generous to a fault.

Glad to be interacting with him here again.

Tonight I posted about My Mirrorless Experience.

I shared a few thoughts of 4+ years since moving from DSLRs to mirrorless.

BLUF: It has been great for me, and I am looking forward to the next stage of the journey.

When Google Reader first shut down I experimented with several of the nascent feed reader platforms, shortlisting to Feed Wrangler and FeedBin. Ultimately it was close, but I chose Feed Wrangler.

I’ve been a happy user of that platform, but lately I’ve been giving FeedBin a try again – partly out of curiosity, and partly because of the upcoming Evergreen app, which will support FeedBin for feed synching from version 1.

I almost exclusively use feed reader apps to consume my RSS feeds, and then almost exclusively Reeder on macOS, iPad and iPhone. So I was firstly really impressed with how far the web interface for Feedbin has come. By contrast, Feed Wrangler’s hasn’t evolved much over the years.

Synching through Reeder is every bit as smooth in FeedBin, with the added advantage of more elegant handling of title-less posts (such as many posts.

I will continue to play around, but have to say I am very impressed with FeedBin.

Wangi Falls

Image Data

  • C: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7
  • L: Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm f/2.8 PRO
  • E: Lightroom CC Classic, Luminar 2018, Photoshop
  • F: Lee Seven5 Big Stopper; Lee Seven5 Polarizing Filter.

I completed the Learning Luminar video course by @nicolesy. Brilliant course that brings you up to speed in this awesome software, quickly.

Learning Luminar - Nicolesy Store

Crowds and Clouds