“For a moment, nothing happened. Then, after a second or so, nothing continued to happen..”

Douglas Adams

My blogs

My main blog, BalanceLight was first setup as the Des Paroz on the go blog around 2002. It is a place for me to write about my personal views on a range of topics—particularly on making photographs, writing and presenting.

BalancedLight is my longform blog that contains topical posts on writing, photography and presentation workflows. BalancedLight is a self-hosted Wordpress site.

This site, Micro Thoughts, is my Micro.Blog site, and serves as a link blog, photo blog and a home for short sharp thoughts. It acts as a complementary site to BalancedLight.

I also have an experimental blog, Words by Des Paroz, that uses the interesting Blot.im blogging engine, and acts as a mirror of BalancedLight.

Posts are generally written using Markdown format in the excellent Byword and Ulysses apps on macOS and iOS, as well as Drafts on iOS.

About Des Paroz

I currently in Sydney, Australia, but am well travelled and have lived in various locations around the world. I have strong interests in writing, photography, presenting, marketing/public affairs and diving.

As a PADI Course Director I teach PADI Instructor Development Courses and first aid/CPR instructor courses. I also teach Shorinjiryu Koshinkai Karatedo.

I serve as a Public Affairs Officer in the Royal Australian Navy.

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